Mick Doyle Live at Nu-Skool Recordings


Mick Doyle Live Saturday October 19th at 8pm Sharp!


DJ Mick Doyle hailing from Wexford will be joining us for a Live show at the link above as we continue to bring you some of the best talent Ireland has to offer in Dance music.Mike is one of the most active Irish Hard House at home and the UK,with sets consisting of creative mixing,scratching & unreleased tracks this is sure not to disappoint.Tune in 🎶

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Mick Doyle is a new young talented Hard House DJ in the Hard Dance scene today. Mick started playing deck’s in his bedroom back in 2008/2009. He really put in a lot of effort learning to mix, which he picked up quite quick.

Mick finally got his fist gig at Meltdown after spending a number of months in his bedroom mastering the wheels of steel. After making his debut at Meltdown it wasn’t long after until other club promoters were on case wanting him to play such as Effective, Oblivion, Mixed Up Promotions, Burn Out, Whiplash to name a few...

Mick has really got himself on some top class line ups supporting some of the big guns in the scene such as Mark Kavanagh, Ian M, Lucy Fur, Ben Stevens Andy Farley, Adam M, Pierce Rooney, Karl Davis, Valex, JoJo, Future Resonance, Allen Pullen, James Devlin to name a few…

Mick then went onto Production in 2010 and has made some top class tracks that have being played in big events in Ireland, Ibiza, UK. Micks tracks have being getting huge support from the top names in the scene such as Andy Farley, Ben Stevens , Lucy Fur , Adam M, Mark Kavanagh Ben Stevens, Kirsty Lee James, Wayne Smart to name a few. He has really made a huge success with his tracks and has hit some of the major labels such as Frantic Digital , Fireball Recordings, Vicious Circle Recordings , Hi-Octane Records, Small-town Records, Mojo Music, Rise Up Digital, Nu-Skool Recordings to name a few…

Micks First Release was Do This My Way on Rise up Digital which really lifted his career to second gear. Mick has really showed a good appearance in the top 100 Hard House/Hard Dance on most major download site such as Toolbox Digital Shop, Track It Down, and Beat port.

Mick’s hard work really paid off as he next gets some cracking collaborations going with Craig Lee Mickey Crilly Ben Stevens and also Gary O’Connor. His tracks have also being remixed by Small town’s Mascot Ben Townsend and Effective’s Hunch Man Wizard.

Mick’s name is really spreading across Ireland and the UK and is gaining more respect and support from his Family, Friend’s and Followers for doing what he does best. He made his Debut gig in the UK at Hi - Oktane feat Deprivation & Toolbox on the 20th July 2012 @ Stinky's Peep House Leeds. This gig was a success with a cracking line up with top names on it like Ilogik, Nik Denton, Jp&Juksey, Ross Homson, Dave Curtis, Adam M, JoJo to name a few…

Mick will be sure to deliver with his tight mixing skills and his ability to take control of the dancefloors, he's well know for his cheeky scratching skills on the dex and his passion for what he dose best when behind the dex his nrg and connection he has to the clubbers is second to none this can only progresse as he carries on pushing his name up in the Hard House / Hard Dance scene. He also in the founder of his label Rave Rockin Digital to try push his style and tracks to the max. Mick is by far an uprising talent in the scene today and he’s certainly a DJ to look out for in the future.

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