Sid Sneddon Live! 14/12/2019

This Saturday 14/12/19 from 8pm! Live on Nu-Skool, Sid Sneddon takes over.
Sid has put together a promo mix for us to show us what hes capable of. Available for free download at
Sid is Birmingham born and bred, he had his first set of 1210’s in 1998 and became a bedroom DJ first of all, but then gave it up as he became a parent. He then started back again in 2017, he got himself a controller and knew he liked what he heard, so started getting himself online and then soon got recognized by online radio pages like Keeping Hard House Alive and Korruption and got regular weekly slots on their shows
Soon after that Sid went on to bag himself a gig at Ravey Dayz at the mighty 414 club in London, and then followed getting offered a gig at Vinyl Warriors in London, he has also been lucky enough to travel and play in Ireland at Club M in Dublin, and more recently played a b2b at Off your Carrot in Birmingham
Already bagging sets up and down the country with his energetic style, Sid has certainly been making a name for himself, so be sure to see him at your local events and dance like you've never danced before
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